• As automatic precipitators, Jet Pulse bag filters perform the duty of separating dust particles from gas by means of compressed air pulses in different industries.

    Application Fields of Bag Filters:
    -    Cement Industry
    -    Metal Industries such as Steel, Lead, Copper, …
    -    Wood Industries
    -    Chemical Industries
    -    Food Industries

    ·    The significant factor in designing bag filters is the gas flow velocity through the bags. This parameter called Air to Cloth Ratio is calculated based on different conditions such as dust type, gas particle size, temperature, humidity and dust concentration. The required filtration aria is then evaluated by the Air to Cloth Ratio.

    Other effective factors in designing bag filters are as follows:
    1-    Amount of air and inlet gas temperature
    2-    Space available for installing bag filter
    3-    Inlet Gas Concentration
    4-    Type of Filter Application