• Hybrid Filter

    Since 1997, Hybrid Filters are part of the GrIIn product range. With this technology, the electrostatic and fabric filtration are combined. Electrostatic fabrication is used to collect the big masses of solid particles and the following fabric part takes out the residuals.

    This concept is particularly suited for the conversion of old electrostatic precipitators, where the existing casing and the first field can still be used. However, this technology has shown such outstanding performance, that a substantial number of our customers have chosen to build complete new Hybrid Filters.

    • Electrostatic precipitators can collect big masses of particulates from gas with little energy
    • Make use of the ionisation- and agglomeration effects in the electric precollection zone to reduce pressure drop in bag filter
    • Bag filters achieve in general low emission results and emission is independent from power supply

    • Up to 40% pressure drop reduction in comparison to identical application with bag filters
    • Bags see only 10% of dust mass in comparison to normal bag filters, this results in lower consumption of compressed air and creates longer bag life

    Field of applications
    • Cement
    • Coal fired boilers
    • Biomass fired boilers